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Swimming Pool Construction


On Schedule Pools was created as a direct result of nothing more than a common industry failure, “simple scheduling”. The common horror story everyone hears about is how long swimming pool contractors take to build a pool, we polished what was missing – “a sound schedule”. After so many years of experimenting and fine-tuning we have come to create a real straight forward system that allows us to build faster than anyone out there. Build for you, and ONLY YOU! Thats right, On Schedule Pools is designed around respecting your time and our commitment to a completion date.


EASY! We build ONLY one pool at a time!

A simple concept that doesn’t really work out for the “Big Builders”.
Now when we say FAST, we mean FAST! But don’t let the word FAST take you into the space of  “cutting corners, low quality, or get in, get out, get paid”. There’s really nothing new under the sun, and what we have in place is nothing more than common sense, or more say a tad of wisdom, largely available to all builders, but building one pool at a time doesn’t fit their business model.

If you’re the type of person that Wants Things Done! and is ready to get a free quote, simply fill out the form at our “Request a Free Quote” page and we will reply shortly after. Tell us a bit about you and what you envision in your backyard and we can schedule an appointment to come out and chat. Super easy going people. By the way, Did we mention you will deal directly with the owners?, cutting out the middle man we eliminate sales commissions which can be allocated the the cost of other features in your pool. We tell you what is reality and work with your budget. So please fill out the form and get a FREE QUOTE and a FREE 3D DESIGN!

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